Team 23

NeurAI: Intelligent assistant for neurosurgeons

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Project vision

The goal of the NeurAI project is to create a modern and powerful web app that will allow neurosurgeons to access all medical data about their patients in one place as well as prepare for surgery by providing an interface where viewing MRI images and tumor segmentations is possible. Apart from manual segmentations, the neurosurgeon can also view predicted segmentations from a neural network, if desired. This immensely helps the neurosurgeon to prepare for upcoming surgeries. Eventually, the neurosurgeon will be able to adjust the neural network's predicted segmentations as needed, allowing the neural network to further learn from these corrections.

Tech stack

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Team members

Miroslav Laco

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Ing. Miroslav Laco, PhD.

Product owner
Kristina Copikova

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Bc. Kristína Čopíková

Backend, Code review
Lubomir Dlhy

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Bc. Ľubomír Dlhý

Fullstack, Scrum master
Ladislav Gaza

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Bc. Ladislav Gaža

Michaela Gubovska

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Bc. Michaela Gubovská

Frontend, UX
jakub hajdu

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Bc. Jakub Hajdu

Miroslav Hajek

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Bc. Miroslav Hájek

Backend, DevOps, Code review
Sofia Mlynarcikova

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Bc. Sofia Mlynarčíková

Security specialist